This is another song I'd like to learn by Zhang Xuan. My attempt too to translate her lyrics into English! :)

看著我沉默的憂傷 說不懂 不能懂 你以為夠明確的 我怎麼會迷惑的 生命的 真相
saw my soundless sorrow
said that you didn't get it
you hadn't a clue why i could be so puzzled over the obvious facts in life

然而 忘了我們分別的語言 分別的視線 分別過去的餘煙
yet, forgot the separating words the gazes the remains

所以你總是知道 卻也總是不理解
i bet you always knew but never got it

my life will find its way; I say
(so, we will) still love, still hate;
we will get and lose, and all will still remain
my life will find its way; I say
(and we are) but the body and the spirit

也不知道我是不是羨慕你的 但這應才是最傷人的地方
not sure if i envy you, but that's probably why there's this wound

我想你一直都同意 領悟或看開些什麼真得需要時間
you'd say yes that time is what it takes to recover, to understand whatever

可 我野放的心 我是 在遠的邊界看你
yet in the wilderness
i'm there at the far end

thinking that

怎麼過 都別給限
however, whatever, but do not draw that borderline in between...


H said...

I was once incurably in love with Zhang xuan's songs..and totally just love her name too

impermissiblewanyü said...


H said...

I'll try..But just pure translation or translating that into English lyrics?

Translation is actually very personal. For me, I would translate the 1st paragraph like this:

"Witnessing my speachless sorrow
You said you didn't get it
You couldn't understand why
I am still bewildered by those
Undebatable truths of life".

I can't say where your translation is wrong. Just think some places could be more integrated to the whole. And maybe some wording could be not so directly translated. Maybe I am wrong..But feel free to comment.

impermissiblewanyü said...

Thanks for that. :)
I definitely think 'witnessing' (察覺到,然後有持續看著的意思) is much more suitable than my 'saw'.

Hmm... but I'm not sure about 'undebatable truths'... that sounds a bit too heavy for this song... a pessimistic tone that does not fit in??

I agree with your comment that my translation is in lack of integration. Can I blame it on her who wrote the original lyrics? :P

Continue tho! What is your second verse translation?

H said...

妳說的對. "undebatable"可能有點過了..不過很難說. 我是一直覺得翻譯不太能一句一字的翻..

For second verse:
Yet, let's forget about all the differeces between our languages, our views and our past

I know, it's very uncreative and uninsteresting. That's why I said translation is damn hard...

impermissiblewanyü said...