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My brother is getting married on 18th December 2006.

Delighted by the good news, I thought of this poem 'To Us' by Soleil, here's a stanza:

they say,
You found the other half!
you do not make me complete, as I am already complete
you make me better
[read the poem]

I like the romantic reasoning on love in this, and also I'm exceedingly proud of my brother, who has the mentality to create happiness, and the immense courage to love. I am happy for them.


jennywren said...

So are you going back to Taiwan soon then? I hope I'll see you over the xmas holidays!

I'm in a bad mood.

yoshi said...

I am also very happy for your brother! Happiness brings happiness!

(I like the poem)

Anonymous said...

Wanyu -- sorry to use this for this purpose, but -- can you send me an e-mail? I've lost your address.


Schaufensterpuppen said...

Aren't you going to Deutschland?

impermissiblewan said...

i look forward to seeing your passport photo.

you're a very happy boy these days indeed aren't you? thanks for the orange.

thanks for checking my blog. maybe see you on the weekend...

i'll be in frankfurt on 24 dec, but whether to come back here directly or go elsewhere from there i am not entirely sure yet. it's more likely i'll come back here tho and have a silent night.

enjoy japan! you might see wanchen there perchance??!

zoe said...

Hey congratulations, wanyu's brother!

Anonymous said...

你跟你弟很像耶 :D