It must have been around this time or late July last year I paid my 1st visit to J's house. It's been an amazing year, and since then I got to make friends with so many more cool people who lived there or were members of '37 xxx Street Appreciation Society'... It's not me moving houses, but I somehow feel the melancholy of an ending, (everyone's now moved out of the house,) mixed with joy of a brand new start.


Andy said...

I know that feeling far too well. Having been at university in the same city for eight years so many changes happen. One can easily form an attachment to a house other than one's own thanks to the great people that live there. You find yourself in their home more than your own at times, so when they leave it feels very sad, not just because of the loss of friends, but the reality of the house no longer being part of your life. However, as I have discovered you meet many new people in the time that follows (you being one of them), and the old friends are always there (even if somewhere else). I have met up with some old friends a number of times these last couple of months on my visits to other cities and it is such a great feeling meeting with them again.

impermissiblewanyü said...

I'm no longer sure if old friends will always be there. Fire fades away..

A girl told me the other day 'friends two years ago, friends no longer' maybe that's closer to reality.

I don't keep a blog to remember old things, I try to get rid of them from my head so they just get piling up here..

thanks for reading my emotional junk tho.. cheers