My brothers

Feeling like blogging a bit about my beloved brothers.

At breakfast I chatted online with my older brother about an opera I'm going to see this Friday. I lightly revealed to him that I was a bit worried about writing a review for it, he just went on giving me loads of interesting and feasible ideas for me to brainstorm and keep in mind so that when I watch it critical ideas would easily occur to me. If one day I ever become a critic of any sort, I really owe a great debt to this gentleman. He's been a great mentor to me almost the whole of my life!

My laptop had been having a fever for weeks nonstop, so before he burned himself down I asked my younger brother for help, and within about 5 seconds he came up with a solution (followed by a scolding remark about why I waited for so long before asking him); I simply followed what he told me to do--go buy a laptop cooler--and my beloved Little Black has been revived and in fact has been accompanying me during these stressful days.

Just received a parcel from them! My older brother sent me loads of CDs as a HUGE belated present. And another two gadgets for my laptop from my younger brother... :) Listening to Beethoven's violinsonates no. 5 and no. 9 now. I need new speakers though.

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