busy busy busy

There's so much to do about these tasks that I've been doing, but for some reasons I'm not too anxious about it. There're loads of people who have been extremely kind-hearted to help me with my project, and I almost don't deserve such kindness and good luck--I've got to really get a better grip on my work, otherwise I'll regret...

Having some exciting plans coming up, including seeing my friends' band in London! I'm going to keep very quiet about it and simply show up as a huge surprise. (I feel I'm almost as busy as a famous touring band...)

And of course Sigur Ros too!

L-the-Canadian-girl, whom I used to share a flat with is getting married, and I'm invited to her wedding in London on 8th April, (Congrats to her!!!) the even more exciting bit is, this is gonna be the very first wedding that I attend in this country, plus it's an Indian wedding!!

My London friends, could I ask for a night's lodging at your floors for these dates, please? 27-29 March, 7-8 April (going down from Leicester, how exciting...)

Oh, no, my ecological footprint...

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husband said...

I am available on 27-29 March, you can stay in my place. I will leave for Belgium on 7 April (in fact, i havent applied for the visa yet), but you can also stay in my place as long as you remember to return the key to my friend Rose.