a small collection of my recent fun-project

(Yes, I've been stressed..)

1. Ni hen ben.
2. Li jin gong.
3. Lei ho chun. Lei ho jue.
4. You're stupid. You're not nice.
5. Tu es stupide. Tu as fait une betise.
6. Sie sind blöt. Du bist nicht nett.
7. Saiaku. Saidei.
8. Je bent stom. Je bent niet leuk. Je bent suf. Je bent dom.
9. ðu eart uncūð
10. Thou foolish thing.
11. "3e arn follysch!"
12. Sei stupido.
13. Estúpido!


jennywren said...

Wanyu, I'm completely stressed too~ It's past three in the morning and I can't stop wondering whether I should go for the job interview on Monday. I can't sleep. I got some advice from a friend that made me wonder whether I'm doing the right thing~~

wanchen said...

To your query yesterday, Middle English version could be "3e arn follysch!" I think. (You might want to check with the linguist...)

impermissiblewanyü said...

I just sent my supervisor some stuff, and will have to send some more tomorrow, followed by even more on Friday...but I'm feeling pretty alright, having worked hard continuously for a bit.

To be completely frank, if I were a supervisor of a student like myself, I really wouldn't know how to supervise her, such a hardheaded person who is at times a lazy fun-lover!