Piano lesson #3

'That was pretty good!' said my teacher.

I was in need of some encouragement (of any sort) so at noon I finally decided I want a lesson today.

Considering I only practiced for less than 2 hours last week, I was thinking the lesson today wouldn't be of much point.

But that was wrong.

I know clearly I'm no performer, however, somehow, because of her encouragement and instruction, for the first time, I felt when I was playing today, the tempo was fine, and I was showing a bit of my interpretation of the sonata by Beethoven.

As if my fingers were under my ears' control.

(Perhaps) An equally marvellous feeling was when my fingers spontaneously play, without my brain having to think about anything at all in terms of which note or how hard to press.

Before, I thought, ok, I'm an amateur, therefore I just play it my way.
Now, I think, in order to respect music and to really appreciate the piano, I want to learn more about it.

My teacher is a composer, and I think because of that, she emphasises the importance of reading the music from Beethoven's viewpoint (well, this is of course quite difficult, and one might think this is really only one of the various ways to read the sheets). What I also pick up from this is, perhaps by reading music this way, I'm learning something about composing as well, which could really lead to an exciting end one day...

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yushan said...

I haven't played the piano for a very long time. But now I also want to have piano lessons!! So envy you!!