Bad weather, but a joyful Lantern Festival!

Today is Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao, or in Chinese characters, 元宵), which is the 15th day of the 1st month in the year of the Dog, this weekend I had Yuan-xiao--the round-snowball-like food with stuff inside and served in sweet soup, that we eat for this special occasion--I had some of them with friends and housemates, and then this morning I was on web-cam with my family, so I feel this year's new year celebration has been wonderful!! Supposedly the new year celebration doesn't stop until after today!! Anyway, my start of the year has been excellent!!

But why were my mum's eyes a bit watery..

Traditionally today is the day for family reunion and when we were little my brothers and I used to make our own lanterns at school then go on a mini-parade in our neighbourhood in the evening (not with neighbours, just the three of us, oh I really miss that).

Oh but it seems long long time ago already... it doesn't seem, it IS long long time ago... how little were we when we were doing that!! I remember we even would have to help make Yuan-Xiaos, they were much much tastier because grandmum made them...

Piano lesson.

I was an extremely shy player today: when I was told to play the whole tune (not Deux Arabesques, but one of Beethoven's easier sonatas, playing now), I couldn't really control much about how loud or how smooth or what the dynamics vary. I just carried on letting fingers clumsily touching the keys, my eyes following the music, my brain going pretty blank. My teacher wasn't angry, but I guess my attitude was really too playful and I do need to take it more seriously to really get somewhere from where I am now. I really like that she has taught me how to look at a piece of music--this is, seriously, what I never got taught about before. She said Beethoven's music should be pretty suitable for me to play (I'm truly pleased to hear that) because from what I played she felt I could really get a real touch about his music (what does that mean? I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds positive...)

Beethoven, then! Can someone get me a portrait so that I can stick it on the wall next to my Master Shakespeare?

Cloud-love, love-cloud.

This picture on the right hand site is from cloud appreciation society website that A found. I loved it the second I saw it so I uploaded it to my flickr album, and, gosh, more than 100 people already came to my album to see it----->I'm amazed and know that what to say...

What also amazed me is I got cooked for 3 times this weekend... I am truly thankful... (bowing)

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