a line or two after _The House of Sleep_

a good read. Jonathan Coe is a good writer indeed!

But the portrayal of R's love for S is too light, (ok, I don't know anything about love), and I dislike that he changes his whole life hoping to win her love-- Some might find that sweet, but I just think he shouldn't ingratiate himself with what he imagines she will like him to be. Easier for me to say than do though.

No, no, this is not just a love story. I think it's quite amusing to read how wrongly the experts interpret the so-called symptoms of their patients, haha, those professors at the conference present all the actual-junks-thought-to-be-precious-findings, ooh, how bitter... Also the clinic for sleep disorder is quite interesting.

And, to be honest, I rather like this S who dreams vivid dreams which are later taken to be reality--what a life she's living! Her relationship with V is not convincing.. I don't like how she later calls the time spent with V just 'a phase of her life', I mean, didn't those kisses mean anything? how about good memories?...but then again, I'm too judgmental...

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