'adieu, mon amour'

The CD stores all put up big signs 'SALE' but I don't seem to need to buy anything... Or, those on sale I have already got a copy each in my collection. I borrowed 'death cab for cutie' from R, and do want to own a copy, but this CD is not on sale. This can be in my wish list.

<--This picture shows one of the CDs I bought when I was in Paris. What I also bought were mainly French music including Noir Desir and an indie band called 'Soria'. I especially love a song by Soria, called 'Adieu Mon Amour'.

'Adieu, mon amour, il y a trop de temps,
Adieu pas pour toujours, je t'attends'


Plus, my beloved brother has lent me 4 more classical CDs.


wrennyjen said...

maybe you can lend me this CD~~ if my hard drive is completely destroyed I will have to borrow the rest of your CD collection too.

It's weird without my mac!

keep your fingers crossed for me that the coffee didn't seep into the important bits of my laptop.

sorry to go on about this.

sunny said...

I am relaxing at home and felt lazy. Somehow I have become vulnerable to the cold humidity of the winter in Taiwan that I grew up with. Both Seal and I got a cold.

Oh, and I have been shopping! I bought lots of clothes and books. Music CDs and DVDs are my next project.

But what a shame that I still need to work for a conference paper. Now I seriously doubt if I can finish it by the deadline.

Oh, hope you keep working productively and enjoying your holidays cheerfully.

Have you received the parcel from me?

impermissiblewanyü said...

Don't be upset... Lynn's computer was drinking coffee too and it worked again...

you can always borrow cds from me!!
(but I think I need a new cd rack...)

My Sun,
I got the parcel this morning--thank you!! You're always too sweet!! I'm gonna listen to it now as I'm cooking in a bit~~
My friends here and I are gonna be partying tomorrow night. Hope you get better soon...

1u said...

I've been listening to your cd nonstop and it's ace!
I think tomorrow I'll play this CD at my house party...

are you doing anything exciting for the new year's eve?