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Scenes from this film, 2046, keep coming back to me. Life is like a film, isn't it. 'Memory is wet because there are tears involved.' I'm only passing by, and I'm only a movie-watcher..


Richard said...

I only saw 2046 once so far, but I will definitely see it again. I might have to order the DVD right now.

(Slight moan. It was to be closing film of the Edinburgh Film Festival two summers ago but Wong Kar-Wai (?) withdrew it for extra editing. I'd already bought a ticked and everything. Very disappointing.)

Sad boy fact: when I was a postgrad my office was room 4620. I really did get a 2046 postcard and change the numbers around (and it looked pretty cool too). Sad? My officemate had never heard of the film and bought the DVD for just this reason. Therefore, a success! (I had to make him watch In The Mood For Love first.)

1u said...

'in the mood for love' is my all-time fave film but i can't watch it now.

you can borrow my 2046 dvd coz i have it but my player doesn't work. plus, i still have your DCfC ceedee...

you know what, richard, i was at that film festival too, (actually i was in edinburgh for a few weeks in 1997 too for a film study summer course) and i thought i missed the 2046 showing in edinburgh and didn't know actually it got withdrown!!

hope you're having a nice new year celebration!! (am trying very hard to steal Jennywren from your party...)

Richard said...

That would be cool. It's funny that you were in Edinburgh then. I think I saw about 25 films that year. I wouldn't have the time these days, and haven't been to see anything really great for a long time.

I was upset about 2046, but my flatmate was wall-to-wall gutted. Before I'd seen it he showed me the ITMFL trailer. `Just look at the colours!' He was a film student.

1u said...

I chatted with a girl at a party about 'In the Moood for Love', and we were chatting for about 30min..

See! Wong Kar-wai's film can be a sort of party chatter too!

Oh, Richard, you're welcome to my party too!!! (Julia will hate me for stealing you and Jennywren...but you really should at least come to pick up the 2046 dvd...)

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming out yesterday... you can set me on the 2046-borrower list... am very keen to see it - as are my housemates...


impermissiblewanyü said...

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