There is snow. In York, in Leeds.

outside my windows, on the roof,
on top of grass,
in the backyard,

we were shopping it was snowing, we sat in a gorgeous restaurant it was snowing, we took out our camera it was snowing, people passing us were laughing it was snowing.

White is the colour. I feel like going for a walk to town centre.

Look at these pictures! [click me]

Do you like this kind of temperature? It makes you jump up and down, trying to warm up.
It makes you wear a wool hat gloves and a scarf.
You look like a giant snowball.


kathy said...

I saw snow falling in front of my window last night, it was so beautiful, though this morning London is still in a sunny (but cold) day.

I am so excited since I know it will still be snowing tonight!

impermissiblewanyü said...

Yushan and I will go to Durham tomorrow, so I'm very excited!!

I heard it is a lovely town...and I expect to see more snow there~~

I could have been in Vienna now where there must have been loads more snow but much much colder...

It's good it's snowing in London in Dec, I know nowadays this doesn't happen often. ENjoy~~