After a rather long day, I went to the stone roses for a performance by small-Matt and Ewan (those in the pic belong to him) from I AM JACK . Matt sang especially well tonight. That specific voice could really carry me away into a mysterious space. (He was on about the rehearsal to me a bit before they began, in that voice too)

Ewan's electric guitar was luring out my tears.

Sojouring there then too were bits of feelings that I can't describe here.


Anonymous said...

Wanyu you're always far too kind about our attempts at music. Thanks for coming to see us! small-matt

impermissiblewanyü said...

Wow, Matthew-my-hero, I did not know you also check my blog!

I wish this wasn't a text--if only you could leave me a voice message!

PS. I don't think I'm being too kind. I only report what I see/think, honestly.