fake smiles

The title has nothing to do with what I'm intending to write. I thought of something to write about fake smiles, but forgotten all about it now.

Right, so, I went out this evening on my bike, (I love my bike now after warm-hearted-Toyo fixed it for me), (in fact, I found two bikes in a room in our backyard, they look decent! does anyone want to buy them?) (Come to think of bikes, today there was a middle-aged man who came to ask me while I was eating a snack near the library that 'do you happen to know anyone who wants to sell his bike?' Do I look like I sell bikes?) (I do have two bikes for sale actually, don't I?) anyway, so I was in town. Two innocent-looking french-accented-girls approached me, and at first I thought they were lost, but they went:

'Excuse me, do you know where we can go?'

How do I know?

I replied, 'well, what would you like to do?'

'maybe drinking and dancing. Do you know any places near here?'

Found it amusing. Since when have I started to look like I'd know where to go for drinks & a night out? If I were there with Jennywren-the-Yorker, they certainly would have asked her, right?

(I think I've made it a habit to use these cool-and-useful-hyphens.. should stop it, otherwise they'll be everywhere in my thesis, which is no good, coz that would cut down the number of my words.)


zoe said...

what a funny day!!!

Finally I remembered to bookmark your new site into my browser.

will come here more definitely. :)

impermissiblewanyü said...

Thanks for bookmarking my site!
I hope you still have some time to spend updating your blogs. I miss your writing. loads. Your pix site is great tho. Will make a link to it. ;)