Let's work hard, shall we?

I hadn't felt this nice about my study for a disgustingly long while, but I must say, today, for the 1st time in months, I felt my supervisor was encouraging me and making the effort of listening carefully to what I had to say. That was really important to me!

So, after the meeting I was in a real good mood, then happily cooked for two friends. Perhaps I put in cheeful elements, they (two persons who are not really big fans of curry) said my curry tasted nice!

(How can anyone not like curry tho? Bizarre. I really don't get that. )

The home-alone weekend was a memorible one, followed by the amazingly nice tutorial session, hmm, I'm happily willingly perhaps surprisingly in the mood for work (not love).

Everyone! Let's work hard!

PS. I can't forgive myself for not joining in the topic on 'what's the book you're reading' when all others were keenly on about books they recommend or books they find disturbing or books that put them to sleep. I suppose I should have suggested the person who talked about disturbance in the book read Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Gory and disgusting, I warn you....

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Koji said...

Humm, I missed your curry!!!!
I'm looking forward to it!