In the studio with I AM JACK

I AM JACK had a recording session and they kindly let me-the-groupie be there to see what it's like. Oh goodness me, these musicians are serious to the bone! They kept saying I must be bored bla bla but I wasn't. I dare say anyone would have been tremdously impressed to see them making all the efforts trying again and again to record the best version of the songs. Jan-the-drummer is quite a perfectionist, I noticed, even though he rebuffed my observation. And J's patience is what I need to learn! (J is the man who was in charge of the computers and setting-ups etc. He's a musician in a band as well, with his girlfriend! So sweet...) No one there lost temper at all, hmm, even though curses could be heard every now and then, and no matter how tiring, how ill, how hungry, how the room being boiling, etc., no one made any complaints at all, not even slightly. I suppose trying all one can is normal if one is devoted to the band. I've learned a lot today indeed.

There was one frustation to me though: apparently my ears are like something long-rotten and I'm too deaf to hear any sorts of differences the musicians said they heard. Does anyone still want me in their band?


Anonymous said...

I think you were pretty patient - sitting there for hours and hours. However, you certainly cannot compete with J's patience.

I am in the mood for work as well. Miracles still exist.

impermissiblewanyü said...

Oh, but there's too much work again.... why am I always given so little time to do so much! (plus so much other things I wanna do but can't)

at least I'm not as stressed as last week. well, I'm trying to be as organised as a German: get up early, work, have some fun in the evening (Wednesday movie night!!)