Happy Mid-Autumn, Let's Smile!

It's mid-autumn... (中秋 in Chinese... pronunced like 'chung-chiu') It was like winter two days ago... I was shaking in my room in early morning, but now I'm sweating in here again, this is more like autumn... good to have autumn back...even tho I'm looking forward to the winter...

I called my grandpa, it's his b-day. He was extremely pleased that I rang him--making me happy too. Making old people happy is so easy. Show a little love, they would feel they're important and life is beautiful. So, I did what I wanted to do for today.

Mid-autumn is a festival for family reunion. I'm far away from home, but I feel I'm loved. I sent my dad a text. 千里共嬋娟. (thousans of miles away but we're spiritually together) I will share with some friends here the mid-autumn celebration stuff my mum sent me: moon cakes and pomelos. Well, ok, pineapple cakes and strawberry cakes aren't the real moon cakes, but I always prefer these anyway.

I hope my friends will have a nice time at my mini party! Where's the moon tho.

Timmy-the-sittingstill-star really makes me smile, I have to say. I was too busy to read his long emails but today I read two of them he sent us. Not only that his adventure in Buenos Aires is amazing, but that his writing style is splendidly amusing. I was laughing like a madwoman this afternoon reading what he had to say.

Aina-the-Spanish-girl wrote me back to confirm that I could visit her in Oct. Looks like I'll venture to Barcelona soon!!

PS. Check out these amazing pix taken in Cambodia...I didn't know my friend TL went there for a visit...


Andy said...

The pomelos were great, even with the skin! Thanks for sharing your celebrations with us last night. I particularly enjoyed the story about the rabbits on the moon (although that's all I can remember of the story).

I find it amusing that you have your mid-Autumn festival at this time of year, as in the UK autumn doesn't officially start until the 21st September, so technically we are still in the summer, and the sun is shining brightly today. :)

impermissiblewanyü said...

Full moon party was only last Sunday but tonight I could see the moon is not round any more... could only see half of the whole 'plate'!!

Plus, it was that special day, wasn't it? when the night is as long as the day. I remember I used to like it when I was little, because my granny would recite a nursery rhyme about this special day...oh I miss my granny now!!