thoughts a moment ago

we didn't even have to sit together,
why waited for so long, why
oh, ruined in others' hands,
ruined ruined ruined...
look into your palm,
what's there, how's there!

I wasn't even gonna care whether
the sky's as blue,
as your t-shirt,
but you waited,
you just waited,
for what
wasting my time,
wearing out my chance,
until things all changed.

none left,
none left...

now what i longed for no longer exists,
where do we go from here.
I'll create new hope, a new start,
where do we go from here.


jennywren said...

Wanyu, there's still a chance! Honestly! Don't give up hope!

yushan said...


impermissiblewanyü said...

sorry i let you gals worry... i was only trying to write some lyrics...not even any good...


lots of love for you two!! hugs+kisses