3 May 9:34
Saturday night, first anxious and tired then calm and sleepy, phone calls x 3 +2.

Old friends are amazing. There's this best friend in my life I wanna talk about now. We were in the same class in an all-girl high school. I was constantly teasing her but she always put up with me for she got a good sense of humour.

We did not go to the same university afterward.

Then I went to study in the UK. She helped me out when I was miserable with my work there. In the meantime I missed all her concerts.

Then I came back years later. I lost track of her updates or wasn't paying enough attention. Our coffee times always got cut short for we took turns being too busy to relax. To make it up for me, she is always on the other end of the phone listening to me grumbling and moaning, somehow I always got loads to tell, loads of pointless raves and tedious rants.

I feel blessed and loved! :)

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