28 April 2009 at 00:30

Once upon a time I wrote a play entitled happy days part one for my creative writing class.

Now I'm so busy (and happy).

A rather interesting day. Rushed to places, here and there, to this end then back, then turn that way, to that other end, then back. Fast walker me. A dry day so I did not fall down in such a hurry.

Just when I was thinking I did something tolerably well, I got a response which did not go with my positivity. However, I was surprised how little time I spent licking my own non-existing wound from the negativity attack. Almost in no time I decided not to give in but to take the chance to work harder.

Then, tonight after teaching, a coworker came to wait outside my classroom. We walked to and took the MRT together. 3 hours class, plus 30+ minutes small talk, hmm.. Not that I did not enjoy chatting with coworkers. It was just that I thought with all my heart I prefer playing my iPod on the ride home. Having constantly thought about texting someone to grumble about it, I began to actually think I was being a bit silly. Then I threw all those rubbish thoughts away and switched off to energy saving mode.

After all, why all the random contemplation about other people!

Apparently I have more cool things to think about, like Henry V, like the Five Petals, like Faith Yang's new album, like my cute nephew etc etc... off with useless thoughts on how (a little) annoying other people sometimes can be when actually they were only being polite/lonely/whatever...

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