being a tutor (4)

A few times in class when I was asked questions that I did not know how to answer, a lot of self doubt began to emerge. I know a foreign language tutor is not a living dictionary, but situations like those were simply so embarrassing that it could affect my teaching.

I belong not to the intellectual elite, no, but I am certainly one of those who love to teach. I hope this is not too problematic.


Asami said...

I think i can understand what you meant.
As you know, i went to my highschool for the teacher license programme. I was also often asked questions i cannot answer on the spot. It's quite embarassing and i sometimes felt fear to stand in front of students because of this moment. Teacher is not a walking-dictionary. No. But just try to be honest with them. I often answered "this is my today's homework then" when i was asked what i cannot answer immediately. :-P (then answer next class)
Anyway, i'm proud of you, you're a very good teacher(trying to confront yourself, your student, all teaching stuff...). You can make it! :-)

impermissible wanyü said...

Asami-chan, thank you!! :)
I'm getting some support from my colleagues, plus my further studies on teaching approaches, hopefully I will be able to fully enjoy teaching soon - the new term starts this Saturday, so recently I am trying to get ready for the new term...