So, Typhoon Neoguri and I were in Hong Kong this April

I took the ferry to go from Kowloon to Central Hong Kong. I did this many times before, but this was the first time I did it on my own.

Some constructions are going on at the moment.
I like to think I captured a different impression of this view toward Hong Kong Island.

Apartment blocks I assume.

蘭桂坊 The street of pubs and bars in Central Hong Kong. I was a bit lost. No one goes there at mid day.

I like Hong Kong. To me it shows a rather peaceful image of cultural fusion, which might be a weird understanding to some but I don't really care.

The paces are so fast that even time seems to tick away faster here.

I did not go there for shopping like a mad woman. I went to see friends.

The typhoon did not scare people away. On our way to Causeway Bay, one downtown area, we saw crowds with their waterproofs/umbrellas. 'Stay in! The weather's horrid,' I thought. Demi and I drank our coffees and chatted like we did when we were in York/Cornwall/Sheffield... this time in Hong Kong. Typhoon helped postpone Demi's ferry back to Macao, ace. ;)

Some things change others don't.

And my two other friends in HK came out to meet up too. 「旅行的意義在於思索想念?」或者說:「另一階段另一層次的思索?」

We could not afford more time together, which was a shame. This is our own version of extravaganza.

The Practicals

Flight between Taipei and Hong Kong: 1hr 40

Hotel options: hostels, hotels, (no B&Bs, sadly)

Food: rather special. The black tea is usually served with evaporated milk (which I don't think I ever tasted anywhere else). Tea restaurants (茶餐廳)serve about 100 options of different foods. Japanese cuisine seems to be in fashion at the moment. I saw quite many sushi bars here and there.

Languages: Cantonese is the language, but I spoke mostly Mandarin wherever I went and did not have problems. English is also used especially in Central Hong Kong.

Transportation: I love the star ferry! and the sky bridge that links the dock to the shops in skyscrapers in downtown! MTR (or what we call 捷運 and what they call underground) is very convenient too but one can get really lost in the stations because almost wherever you go you see shops and shops and shops... I did not use taxis but years ago I took the mini bus around 3AM, which was really unforgettable...

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