becoming a tutor (3)

What I did on Saturday made me ponder over the relationship between the action of learning and the awareness of having learned new things.

I think perhaps the focus of my class design is too much on the process of learning, but I have not considered enough about creating a certain measurement or scale to check whether the goals are reached.

The tricky thing is, at the same time, I do not want my class to be exam-orientated.

Such anxiety comes from the existence of exams. I mean, come on, you are good at the subject or you are good at answering exam questions? Both, I guess.

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Hsiang-yun said...

Have you thought about using rubrics for this session? This might as well be one possible answer. And I can be of help if you like (say you need more theoretical basis or suggestions etc; I'm not a pro myself but this is what I would normally do)... ;-)