Happy 2008!

2008 is a pretty number. I like the shape of the four digits put together.

I just received an E-Card from my friend S. An interactive one:

'click a number'

to see what my new year's resolution is. I chose 8, and here it goes:

Just be a happy nut.

Heehee... It won't be a difficult one. :)

2007. Before and after my holiday in south Wales for Christmas I managed to meet up with several friends to exchange greetings and good wishes. Mulled-wine sessions started in early December! Also, thanks to two friends' birthday party invites. I have recently started feeling really warm at heart, and I think this is the right feeling for a properly happy person at this time of year, besides, I feel the peace deep in my heart too. Not gonna sound too profound, but I am a very lucky person, truly.

2007 is gone. I know this does not take away unsolved troubles, but I have finally realised that lingering around them does not make anything easier.

New Year's Eve. Doing the count-down outside York Minster was lovely. I would not have done this 3 years in a row if it were otherwise. Surrounding me was a lot of love and felicitation: couples kissing, big grins, hugs, loving gazes...

then we came home to play guitar and sang till we could not keep our eyes open any more...

2008 will be the year I leave this marvellous city, where I have piled up bitter sweet memories since 2003. It will be a year for some changes. I will think of the friendship with the really amazing people I met here.

A new start.
I am not afraid.


H said...

Hey, happy new 2008!!!

Totally agree, it's a brand new year, a new start, a new page of our ongoing still-to-be-written history.


Yukochan said...

hi Wanyuchan!

Thanks a lot for inviting us to your lovely house with your warm welcoming! It was great to have a chat with you!

Here comes another new year! Hope it's gonna be great one to you and everyone! :-)

impermissible wanyü said...

Happy new year to you too, both!
Really great seeing you Yukochan!