Mother's Day

I look like my mother, but she really is much kinder.

My mother is wise. She dreams and makes every endeavour to realise it if it's right.

I also make efforts, but I'm not so wise.

I've got her support, to explore the world, to live a free life! Then we constantly talk about the world in my eyes. She is quite a listener.

She is sometimes exasperated: That is when she sees that I fail to notice I'm in pursuit of unrealistic goals, or wasting time on something frothy.

But she knows what a mother should do. She understands life well. She understands me well. She shows me what love is. And life.

She is a happy person.
I'd like to make her happier.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother.


kathy said...


impermissible wanyü said...

haha... don't worry about it...
i read it again and found that i sounded very much like a teenager...

very childlike

express H said...

最大的愛, 是應該要很直接的.

(我也很想寫一篇給我老媽. 但是很悲哀的寫不出來. 但有打了通越洋電話. 掛了後, 一直久久沒辦法作任何事..)