Review: Laura Veirs

Sunday 8th April York Fibbers

Reviewer WL takes in some sea air and a good dose of inspriation as this American singer songwriter makes a stop in York for her Saltbreakers tour.

On the night of Laura Veirs gig Fibbers was filled with an audience which brought in with it relaxed moods for an April Sunday night. The audience wasn't just any random composition of hundreds of York residents plus groupies, though. It was a crowd made up of people who are fascinated by lyrics like this:

Like a falling leaf who keeps her green
I'm turning bright in the sea
Where a merman with a twinkle casts a hook in me

So much could happen on one night! The fantastic scene linked people together and drew their attention to Laura Veirs and her new album, Saltbreakers. Dreamers there were not alone. [click me to read the full review]
York-based song-writer/singer Emi Jarvi was also there amongst the crowd. When asked to comment on the gig, she told me that this awesome gig made her want to go to record a whole new album this very night, because that was how inspiring the gig was!

Talking to Veirs after the show I realised she glows with artist's charm as well as her natural benignancy. As she is not of a loud disposition, it is easy to understand that her influence on others is unruffled and incessant. When we casually chatted about her experience in Asia and her ability to speak Mandarin Chinese, she generously sang for me a children's song in Mandarin that she picked up before.

Her youthful excitement was sprinkled throughout the show, and I was privileged to prolong that vision of an enchanting portrait of a true artist till the end of the interview! And I took home a shell that Saltbreakers brought me, for me to keep forever. [read the full review]
PS. Reading it again, I find that my review mentioned too little about music... ah... a long way to go...


Natacha said...

I can totally imagine that it's a wonderful event with magnetic music, it brought so many people together and inspired so many good things.

ps. these days, the word verification is getting longer and more complicated...

H said...

I went to listen Jarvi's songs, I love the "Counting on You". Very simple and it's incredibly touching.

impermissiblewanyü said...

sorry you couldn't come... you would have enjoyed it...

Emi Jarvi! Do link to myspace.com/lowground too to listen to, especially, modern times... :) I'm glad you like her too!

H said...

oh ya, years ago I was pretty much in love with Beth Orton's music. So now I think it's time to dig more on the Britain's folk songs.

impermissiblewanyü said...

then I think you must also check out tim crabtree's music. he makes me cry often but even that means tremendously a lot to me.

click the orange sky amongst my sidebar links or go to www.myspace.com/trimmingoftheshoe
i love EVERYTHING he does