the disturbing news

Like it or not, you're not in charge: you laugh, you frown too, you follow rules and soon again you don't, you chill out, you feel shocked, you feel blessed, you get vexed, you know you're alive...

Life is no fairy tale dressing up going on stage faking the love following a set script reacting to cues moaning over non-existent troubles, playing death, then getting up again ready for the next scene. Heavy makeup pretentious grins and piling up loads and loads more meaningless lines. what's the point.

And they surely wished it had been all just a performance, or a nightmare. The blood was real. The killing was real. Victims and gunman identified. Evil was there. No exit. No returning. How was one ever to come to terms with disasters like this? Forget about it. What do you have to do with all this??

Surely it wasn't unavoidable? What follows shouldn't be anti-this, anti-that, let's hide away, something or someone is to blame, not me. This is nothing to do with selfishness. Gunman was a loner, gunman was a loner. How scary? Naturally people shun from complexity and tangles. It's simple to make a difference but some just choose to turn away. Or close their eyes.

They say the killer killed himself too. How many of us in the auditorium are about as heartless as him, and living. Think. And try. Be good, be fair.

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Andy said...

Having read about the back story to this tragedy I can't help but feel the system failed this young guy and all the hurt of so many could have been saved.