a focus to start with, a tone to set the style, a perspective for everything else


Have an audience in mind when writing.

Why is she reading it?
What will she get from this, and is this according to your wish or hers?
Will she mistaken your words to be someone else's?
Does it matter, or, do you really need that signature?
Is your writing clear enough to present your topic?
or, is your perspective shifting constantly in lack of control?

With these in mind while writing, then you wouldn't end up writing a report all about your own personal response to, say, a certain poem. The significance of your writing, then, lies in, say, how the poem is analysed, supported with what evidences.

Probably personal responses matter very much to yourself. Therefore, keep 'em to yourself. They are not worthless, but it's just not under the spotlight here. For example, she says, the other night at the concert Gavin Friday set and performed sonnet #40 in a similar way Noir Desir arranged 'Des Arms'. Interesting, maybe even true, but people can't care less about why she relates the former to the latter. She can think/say whatever, surely, but people would probably be more interested in reading, say, ... well, they probably, after all, aren't really so interested.

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