theft, music, images

I stole some CDs from T's room, when I went into there to decorate his cozy room for S to come and stay. I saw the name Karajan, and immediately decided to steal the whole set, this person's poster is still hanging on my older brother's room, I think.

Ah, music! I asked L about Polonaises by Chopin and he told me instead about what that means in Dutch. I think that's pretty amusing. In fact, before I found those Karajan recordings I was listening to Chopin's waltzs and polonaises, then Sigur Rós (especially the song called Hjartaõ Hamast) in between, and shed some tears...

Then images: Callie, Yuko, Tim and Stefan, the travellers friends of mine, have been telling me fascinating stories, sharing with me images through their eyes. Picture a brave girl in a country not her own who commutes 2 hours a day to work but moans about missing her 1st earthquake; a romatic young lady who is going rowing with her sweetheart even though there's said to be a bad curse; an amateur hitchhiker drawing a long line across his Canadian map where there're awesome landscapes I'd like to see them myself one day; and Stefan the Swiss boy stays a sensitive observer and a kind-hearted friend.

I owe a great debt to them all, my imagination can reach even further, to centuries ago when the classic composer was busy creating the symphonies that perpetuate, to the other side of the planet, to a philosophical world where words and music and facial expressions are one thing, and to let myself truly aware that I'm really living in my little world, sitting at the feet of giants...

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