tree-lover's post

sorry, for having to print out so many pages just to meet my deadline (already missed loads of times, that one) and I know so clearly, ha! more clearly than I know what I'm doing, that tomorrow, or the day after, or sometime next week, I'll just have to print out more, with some correction, adding this, deleting that, but something very similar anyway, oh why all the paper with my rambles! <--how sad, 4th yr, still only presenting rambles.. poor souls who have to read them.. Academics are never tree lovers. Yet I am.
<--my tree by the river
my apple tree-->


anonymous said...

"Academics are never tree lovers"---mmm... that's a bit too judgemental.

wrennyjen said...

Wanyu I'm back! The internet is working!! Woo!! I feel connected to the world again! Yay!! Hope you're alright. I'm drowning! Agh.