to answer z's question

music (good music seriously)
Sigur Ros's three albums (excluding Von, which I haven't tried so don't know if it's good)
Radiohead's the bends and all the other stuff you can find
Happy Together soundtrack. (had a conversation about this film with my friend L the other night...I hate the love and self-torture in this film but I love the film so much too)
The Edukators soundtrack, well, there're a couple of un-listenable songs (I won't tell you why) but I really love the music, especially one inch punch, the notwist, placebo, beigeGT, Depeche Mode, Phoenix, Nada Surf, Tom Liwa, Slut, Sophia, you see that's almost the whole of it!
And also, Swound! They sing 'If a shark stops swimming if a shark stops swimming if a shark stops swimming, it dies..'

You see I don't like any new music these days, at least not enough to introduce to you and guarantee you'll like it.. in my head is Sting's 'If I ever lose my faith in you' and 'shape of my heart'--thanks to HM, every time I check his blog I am reminded of this tune, oh, and The Beatles' 'paperback writer' just because I was in Liverpool the other day... Oh, but R said Mogwai's new stuff is good, and J said Flaming Lips' new album's good too so you can check them out! (But if you never heard Flaming Lips before then you should buy their previous album Yoshimi Battles with the Pink Robots)

Emil Gilels (Beethoven)
Maria João Pires (Mozart)
Artur Rubinstein (Chopin)
I'm still in love with Beethoven's sonata No. 17 d-moll op.31 No.2 Der Sturm. I guess I WON'T know what to say to people who don't like the classical music that touches my soul deeply.

Thanks for asking me about music. You know how I love talking about things like this.


jennywren said...

Yes, and by the way everyone, I am still waiting for someone to say that they'll come and see the flaming lips with me in July!! Yeah!

Oh, I'm seriously excited... I keep practising B&S's JATDOF and I think I'm gonna be able to play it! Have put it on a CD for my teacher to listen to so that I can do the fancy stuff!! WOo!

Sorry to WY's blog readers. Just wanted to say all that!

Andy said...

Wanyu, you know when you stop liking new music and just listen to bands that you grew up with it is a sign of old age. Although having said that it doesn't sound too good for me either.

Richard said...

Then you should all buy/download anything by the Futureheads. Hounds of Love recommended. It's just joyous.

impermissiblewanyü said...

I thought you said you'd be going to something in June??

It's not that I stop liking new music, but rather I was telling z what music that I listen to these days and think she should go buy them too.

I will check out futureheads. I'm currently very excited about Thom Yorke's 'solo' album and also Muse's new song.

I'm crazy to be online, it just took me 6 hours to get back here from London by train... was stuck at somewhere outside Doncaster for 2.5hours...and I heard the word fatality...

zoe said...

dear wanyu,

thank you for sending me some of your recent favorites! Really enjoy radiohead's ones! I think I'm going to buy the album. Sigur Ros's is cool too!

Hope your interviews in London is fine..Talk soon~~

Andy said...

Wanyu, the train often gets stuck just outside of Doncaster. It is a popular site for suicides, very grim. I've got stuck there before. The reasons for the train having to wait several hours before it can move again are not very pleasant.

Anyway, hope you had a good time in London.

impermissiblewanyü said...

London was good but I spent more time in that bloody train (true) plus its stations than in the big Smoke. (which probably explains why i did not come home with a black nose)

inside the college I went to for an interview there is a graveyard or cemetary, I don't know how you call it.

How odd! a graveyard in between different college buildings...

Oh, and I feel very sorry for the train driver. What kind of shock that could be to be involved in a suicide and could do a person how much harm... I'll stop now. This is making me having a chill on my back...

Andy said...

When a train driver hits someone they get given paid-leave and have regular appointments with a consultant I am told. It seems like such a horrible way to end ones life.

Anyway, I hope your experience wasn't as bad as mine. When I was on a train that hit someone we were given no information and then somebody on the train started saying that it was because there was a bomb on the train! Some people are just really stupid.