Tilly and the Wall

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Review: Tilly & the Wall
Fibbers, 17th May 2006
Nebraskan quintet Tilly and the Wall brought their folk-pop harmonies and a tap dancer to York's live music venue, Fibbers, with London's Semifinalists providing a unique supporting show. Wanyu Lin was there to watch the spectacle.

(And the following is what I wrote a bit before...)
How do I describe their uniqueness...

I was fascinated by Jamie's tap dancing! Tilly and the Wall~~ using her whole body especially those feet and the board to create strokes as if from a set of drum kit--absolutely impressive. Amazingly cheerful too!!
Fibbers was packed with a huge crowd, the dancing crowd, yeah!!!

Have to check out this band from Leeds... ah, Ali Whitton will come back to York sometime in June!!

The Semifinalist singing drummer
a good lad with a great sense of humour and a nice smile~~ :)

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