Review: Howling Bells @ York fibbers 17 Feb

There was no doubt that they've really got a terrific vocalist in the band. Hard to believe such a tiny little-girl-like Juanita, with a sweet smile, could produce such a voice with great strength.

Indeed they performed a marvellous set--Howling Bells' music has got a great variety. From pop, to rock, to country, what could be heard was totally intoxicating.

Also on stage were four more excellent musicians; what also worth mentioning was they got the looks too. The one attracting the most attention, apart from Juanita, had to be Glenn Moule the drummer, who had on a cowboy hat. His occasional smiles must have mesmerized loads of fans...
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indeed her voice reminds me a lot of Frente!
and we danced with them too till two!!

howling bells

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Natacha said...

It made me think of "jingle bells"....