the Beth Orton gig in Leeds

went to my guitar teacher's gig and she was awesome, i asked her to sing this song and she did:

'baby do you know what you did today
baby do you know what you took away
you took the blue out of the sky my whole life changed when you said goodbye
i keep crying
ooh baby i wish i never saw the sunshine
if i never saw the sunshine, baby, then maybe i wouldn't mind the rain...'

yes that was beth orton, and that was the song i could play and sing with my band...

and she was actually amazingly cheerful, giggling all the time and joking around!!
everyone could see she was having a great time too, and her band~~

The venue was pretty nice.. Haha, I was in the very front and the sound was fantastic. One day maybe my band will have a gig there...


Anonymous said...

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jennywren said...

Now you've told me how good it was I'm sorry I didn't come... She' my guitar tutor too you know! I want to listen to the new stuff.

yushan said...


Sunny said...

Beth Orton will be here in 3 weeks for the Austin SXSW music fest! But the festival pass is outrageously expensive this year. So Seal and I will only go to Orton's free in-store performance, where they serve free beer! Maybe I will get her sign the CD!

I went to Sigur Ros' last Sunday at a music hall. The venue was not fun, but they were amazing!

So I am glad my Feb. ended with a great gig.

I also have Stereolab scheduled in March and Mogwai in May, yeah~