Merry Xmas

It all started in Paris.

My brother was constantly looking for a Xmas present for me. How sweet... The streets were filled with not only interesting crowds aka tourists, but beautiful people who were busy shopping (for xmas I reckon)...

The day I got back to York, there was a Xmas gig at Manchester--Tim's Sitting Still gig!!!--I enjoyed every minute of it, in an excellent mood, I came back to York to Andy's mulled wine party, where all my lovely mates were partying since 8pm!!

And last night I went with Jenny's mates to sing carols at town centre, followed by a couple of drinks and fun chats at a lovely pub. I didn't know until last night that Xmas dinner is eaten on Xmas day. :) We woke up and found all the presents under the Xmas tree (see the pic) and it took Jenny ages to open all her pressies!! Jenny's mum and dad are so sweet, I not only ate the best Xmas dinner in the whole world but took home loads of pressies and heaps and heaps of sweet memory. I am really lucky. :)

After writing this I'm going to Wanchen's for yet another Xmas dinner~~ Merry Xmas to all. lots of love...


jennywren said...

So glad you and your bro enjoyed my favourite city...

Thanks for coming for Christmas!! Hope you will enjoy the pressies (especially the book one!)

Enjoy Wanchen's xmas party too!

sunny said...

We are finally done with packing, and now busy clearning up the house as we are heading to the airport in 2 hours.

I am glad you had such a wonderful X'mas! Mine was stuffed with yummy food as well. It was a festive holiday with good friends.

Let me know if you want me to send you anything from our home island.

sweet kisses and have a fabulous 2006!


Wanchen said...

The picture looks really nice! Peaceful X'mas eve, it seems.

Thanks for your company last night!