Death Cigarettes

I can now say I've been to a gig by this York indie band, Death Cigarettes.

Their music is loud and angry, and the beats made me want to jump around.

Everyone looked well entertained; but the female singer is liked by me more because of her looks than her voice. The drummer B (my friend!! urg.. well, ok, my friend's friend...) looked so cute on stage (or off). Him and his gf (who was saying we would be forming a duet band together!!) are such a sweet couple and it's always lovely to see them.

Then we all went to the worst pub in York city (this is part of the pleasant routine now). B's friend/colleague at the cinema...what's-his-name, anyway, I'll write more when I remember what I was gonna say.


Richard said...

Which is the worst pub? I'm sure there are plenty of contenders, but that new-ish AllBarOne-style monstrosity at the top of Fossgate looks appalling from the outside (haven't had the pleasure of going in yet).

jennywren said...

No, no... It's the pub near the Minster (opposite Cafe Concerto). I went there once and they had no coke, no lemonade, no fruit juices and no hot drinks (I was driving...).

Richard, if you really really want we can go there when we're all back over the holidays... woo.

Richard said...

Not The Hole In The Wall? Or is it the pub that's a little bit closer? Still, no coke = rubbish. Marking. Reading thesis. Typos all over the shop. Poo.

jennywren said...

No, the one next that red cafe place. It's really pants. Think I ended up having water.

Just finishing off the crappiest assignment I think I've ever written. The English doesn't even make sense. Just pleased I managed to find the 3,000 words to write the damn thing.

Yes. No coke = rubbishness.