Why do they go wet?

I asked:

oh, i've got a question here, why are my windows wet (my windows are not upright...) anyway, they're both wet outside and inside when it's raining, why? (they've been like this since end of autumn...) i have them shut closely. they both look a bit steamy and then turn pretty wet, almost ready to rain indoors...

should i move out of this room?

W answered
HelloI think it's because it's warm inside and cold outside. once the warmair reaches the window panes, its temperature drops because of the coldair outside the window. The warm air becomes water drops, I suppose,according to some science knowledge that I learned in elementaryschool. ; )that's what i know. good luck.

A answered
Hi,Your window problem is possibly condensation forming on the inside.That happens in most homes during the winter, I get that in my flat.It happens because it is more humid inside than out. Not much you cando about it other than to wipe the window each morning to stop mouldforming. Sometimes leaving the window slightly open over night helpstoo.

J said
I've no idea.. sorry.. maybe you could get yourlandlady to do something about it.
i think you should move out of that room...

S answered
Sounds very odd. Only the window turns wet? How about the walls around the window? can you get some professional (machenics???) to take a look? Do you feel there is wind blowing through the window gap when it's windy??

C answered
hmm, i think it's because there's water vapour in your toasty warm room which floats around all happy and gaseous until it hits the freezing cold window, at which point it cools and condenses back to liquid. I guess the only way to prevent this is to get heated windows (which is just silly) or make your room really cold (also silly) or make it really dry and horrible somehow so there's no water vapour (also silly).


husband said...

I like C's answer the most.

J said...

seems my reply was the least useful.. sorry!

Sunny said...

Nono, I think my reply is least useful...I only asked more questions without offering any solutions.

Actually, I googled for 除霧. Here are some methods:
Don't know if those would work for your window.

1u said...

Hmm, maybe I should really try that...but do I have to do that every day?

How come it's warm in the living room too but the windows there don't go wet?

I am writing my landlady a letter now...

Gilbert said...

傷腦筋,我沒啥求知慾 ;P 我只是覺得照片挺有感覺的。