Pretty pleased that I did what I wanted to try and it didn't get screwed up. Thanks to Mark for letting me have a reason for doing this, and Yushan and Jenny for useful advice.

Work is the same isn't it? Sometimes you need a good reason. Hmm, think about your goal, be organised and have a clear focus, then do your best following a 'recipe' while getting advice from others. But don't forget to be creative! Hi, people who are a bit stuck at work, we're in this together, we'll do well.


得感謝 Y姐姐 以及小J 分享訣竅以及回答我的笨蛋問題,才可能有圖上那兩個為了Mark而烤的蛋糕。我想我也加入烘培研究生的行列了。

上次那個EARL GREY餅乾食譜到哪裡去了?!


Mark said...

thank you and toyo for this wunderfull evening!!! i might have given the reason but you two organised this nice farewell dinner. thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Mark said...

... and you have cooked all the lovely food we could enjoy!

shuyu said...

不只蛋糕烘焙很棒, 連照片的構圖都很有巧思. 而水果和桌巾的桌巾的顏色讓畫面更colorful!

jennywren said...

Wow. Wanyu, the cakes look amazing! Because you put the idea of banana cake into my head, I bought some today. I'm proud of you!

Koji said...

Oh, it was a very good evening indeed!!! Thank you Wanyu and Toyo! And farewell Mark!!

sunny said...

wow, the cakes look really good! :>
I am also stuck in work. I just found out a conference in Edinburgh that I want to submit my paper to (ACR-Gender conference), but its deadline is in Jan. I hope I can get my proposal done and start to work on this conference paper...keeping my finger crossed (<-I have been saying this a lot...I think my fingers are all tied up now).
And I found it's harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning, not becoz of the approaching winter, but becoz I was avoiding WORK!!! (sigh)

whining sun

wanyu said...

Thanks for liking the part I wrote in Chinese. :)


Did you eat the whole loaf of banana cake? Haha, I'm sure you just bought a piece. Good for you... Hope your flu's gone by now. Sunny day!!

Good to see you the other night.

Whining sun! no!
A conference in Edinburgh. How cool's that! I heard all about the building of its new Parlament, and I've been thinking about going there to take a look at it, besides, I've not been in Edinburgh in winter... Hmm...and I saw all the pictures Mark took including some of the Scottish highlands and now I really want to go there (instead of doing my reading for the work...)

You can do it! Let's work hard together. :)

yushan said...

Wow.. you baked two!!
They look great and tempting.
Since we were talking about the banana cake, I also baked one at the same night..haha

Sorry that I couldn't enjoy the food and the night with you.
Looking forward to the next party with your baking^^

jennywren said...

Farewell Mark (although I think I only met you a couple of times!). Take care.

Yes, it was just a slice of banana cake.

wanyu said...

people who were not invited to mark's farewell party missed big time...

i loved that last cd rik played (from mark's collection...)

lucy's thai, leendert's dutch cake... all the little notes we wrote...

nice that everyone turned into 8-year-olds at the end...