A day trip to Knaresborough and Scarborough

Tomorrow I'll be going to a place called Loughborough--was in two places called Knaresborough and Scarborough only today!!

Here are two pix to show you a bit of my excitement of the day. I had a terrific time!! Glad to finally have been to Knaresborough--Ko's favourite town in England, if not the whole world. Good lord, that is really a pretty place! Standing there you think the clock stops turning!! Scarborough Scarborough! And my feet in the sea, my feet in the sea!!! So cold but so f**king great! Excellent day!


Andy said...

How can people get so excited by Knaresborough? It's Knaresborough!

husband said...



impermissiblewanyü said...

To andy,
Knaresborough isn't just another English town. It looks almost like a German town to me, somehow. Perhaps I went to some small towns by the river when I went last summer, and the memory's still vivid.

To husband,
You need to see into the beauty of things then you take good snaps of them.

That's what I think.
People too.

Please take some pictures of Leuven and show us! Or let your bf take some of you then show us as well. I'm sure in his eyes you mean beauty.

Andy said...

Ummm, that is the first time I've ever heard anyone compare Knaresborough to a German town. I always thought the place was typically English. Perhaps you have a vivid imagination to go along with that vivid memory!

impermissiblewanyü said...

Actually someone (not German) I talked to about Knaresborough also agreed with me that it does look a bit like a German town, perhaps because of its hilliness and the river.

That doesn't mean you're wrong about my vivid imagination.