the recent me

me me me me me.....
me me...
me me me me...

I've finally started to feel fed up with myself always rambling about 'methinks....' plus I think I'd had enough of self-pity and seemingly-everylasting-helplessness.

***A new beginning***

After experiencing all the self-doubts, sorrows and loss-of-love situation, I've found some positive aspects!

For a month, new music (including classic stuff that I had never come across with before) keeps entering my life. So delightful! New stuff, new friends, new books, these things are alway sources of joy. I feel I am learning! Forgot how much I loved learning...

And environmental protection issues are now even bigger issues to me. Wake up, everyone! We've only got one earth!

One earth.

'But you don't really care for music, do you?'

I've also finally realised that I should stop being so eager to please others all the time. What do I think, what do I want, are more important than 'what do people think I think' and 'what do people want me to do'. If I express my opinions well enough, people will thus respect me too.

'You live, you learn. You love, you learn.'

Am I repeating myself?
Am I making the same mistake yet again?

What a morning! A parcel from home made me shed tears in the kitchen. THE ORANGE PEN FROM MY BROTHER. (he's so sweet to have remembered this.) Now I've got 4 more CDs including the coolest 'the edukators' soundtrack.
'fill it and thrill it then turn back to kill it just gimme the laughter again .... you're so easy to love, smile away my pain...'

It's always comforting--to know that I'm loved, dearly, absolutely.
Life is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Your profile says that you are just 28, but based on your writing style you sound much older???

jennywren said...

Great new blog! At least we can leave you comments now. I'm glad you have started to be so positive again (is the old Wanyu back with us at last?) I'm a chicken - I've come home from the fest for a warm bed and shower... I'm so feeble:( Looking forward to reading more on the new-look blog!

Sunny said...

Hey girl
Here I am, checking out the new hide-out of yours.
Future historians will have a hard time to document "reality" since stories are now so knotted and fragmented. Huh, not that anyone will be interested in our biography ...

Looking forward to see you in Sep. A real, warm hug worths a thousand word.

impermissiblewanyü said...

'the old wanyu'... hmm, old, indeed... hmm...

Oh how i miss your messages!!!
So embarrassing I didn't know you were back in LA now. Hey, looking forward to seeing you real soon!!!
(ok, ok, i know, i know, i know, i said i would go to sleep some 3 hrs ago...)