'There are no pubs in this city,' said I.

'What are you saying?' asked K.

'Living in England for years spoiled me. For me, pubs should serve many different kinds of beer and if possible drinks from a local brewery too. And they should serve excellent pub food too, especially those pubs near hiking sites. Kids can go too. Here in this city where people go for drinks seems to be a place to go for some adult fun, and besides you got to look trendy to even get in, as strangers will be flirting with each other and stuff like that. No, no, no. I miss going to our local pub with mates on a late Friday afternoon every week....,' I said.

'You like England so much then why don't you go back there?' asked K.

The other night I had a discussion like that with a friend from Seattle. I guess the pub scene here really is different from that in England, so I made a remark like that. Not that I've been to many here. Anyway. They are bars to me, not pubs.

When I was living in England, I did not enjoy going to Chinese restaurants, and the couple of times I was at some karaoke parties I never enjoyed them. I just have had better experience with them in Taipei, which is why I couldn't enjoy it there in England. My point is, the fact that I prefer English pubs to our ones here does not lead to K's conclusion that I prefer living in England to living here. In Taipei I have fun too. There are no pubs here though.

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