being a tutor (9)

What does one really do when this person teaches writing?

I ask myself that question because I've been practising that. Academic writing is what I teach, to be precise.

Writing is always writing something, right? Isn't it problematic to divide it into two halves and just study about the format without any discussion of the content? However, at most I could do now is to introduce rules and recommended structures.

OK. I'd probably be better off to stop right there: think no more.

My Blueberry Nights shows a distinctive style and carries WKW's signature during almost every single second of it. A teacher of film-making can introduce one interpretation of how WKW does this, together with some theories and examples of such a style. They probably don't talk about the story/plot/narration, and it's fine.

Is that right?

Do you think that's fine?

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