being a tutor (6)

I'm very pleased to announce that today I actually enjoyed the time with the kid!

I was seriously dreading going to work this morning, but by 1pm I came home with a smile on my face.

Thinking that we would start with a game of numbers, I patiently read out the rules of the game. He did not understand well, and refused to play it. But then he suggested that we make a paper dice. I thought that was better than not feeling like anything so I said OK.

It turned out that we spent most of today's 90 minutes together folding boats (he taught me), stars, and birds (3 each, I taught him)... On my way home on the metro, I was thinking actually we did not just waste time folding scraps of paper.

What we covered:
1. names of shapes (triangle, square, diamond)
2. following steps
3. willingness to concentrate
4. willingness to solve problems
5. procedures (first, and then, finally)

He's in fact really into learning new things and learns quickly too. All he needs is some challenges.
And he still believes that I speak no Chinese (!)

The kid carefully put all the things we made together in his bag to take home. I almost burst into tears feeling so moved. Alright, I should not read too much into this. I just had a good day at work, that's it.

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