being a tutor (5)

Since Monday I've been teaching two little boys science, but, basically, 1) they think that I am from a country where people speak only English, and 2) they kinda like me but not the subject I teach...oops...they're only 6 and 7, you know, being so young, kids learn quickly but they are also just exploring and therefore I do not feel like sticking to some dead answers with my teaching. Today we actually spent most of the time reading stories (in English) about wild animals and creatures living in the ocean... quite enjoyable but it was really hard work getting them to calm down... It's actually pretty amazing to spend time with the boys observing them learn. I wish I had more time to prepare their lessons but sadly this is such a short-term.

At the moment I am also preparing myself for teaching academic English to postgrads here at the university I teach in. POSTGRADS, YES!! I also just got told this a week ago (and am still in shock).

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