being a tutor (2)

When I'm not teaching, I'm in the swimming pool.

Swimming has been doing me good. It's not the issue of pressure release I am thinking about. It's more the consistency/perseverance, balance, and enjoyment from achieving a certain goal, which I think are important for learners to know, in order for them to carry on learning by themselves. One can only enjoy swim after making efforts on the basics.

Ha. I sound a bit like that butler in the book who constantly contemplates what a great butler is. Only that he's more to the point, whereas I am still searching for my words.


I was thrilled. Today, a student wrote to thank me for being inspiring. I could not stop smiling the rest of the day. (And I am not showing off.) So, at least my experimental method works on someone!

I won't go 'teaching is rewarding' here. I'm more grateful than feeling any other way. I thank my students for listening to me, for having faith in me and therefore follow me, etc.


Gilbert said...

收到學生感謝的信的確很開心 :) 可以讓士氣提振不少

Anonymous said...

It sounds really good :)
Give me five :P


Gilbert said...


and you owe me one.

Anonymous said...

So, I'll give you ten when you come to Taipei. HaHa!


impermissible wanyü said...

thank you guys...

indeed it would be much better if we could meet up regularly... it pains me that we meet up so rarely...