becoming a tutor (4)

It's gonna become a world full of literature, excellent!!

Yes, I told myself that, and I hope I will feel I create such an atmosphere, and so will the students.

Presumably my class advert attracted a group of people who like to read?? We'll be a book club. Everyone a member.

Then things will be fine.

OK. I'm currently feeling a bit stressed... I WILL START TEACHING THIS SATURDAY! so much reviewing will begin, and I am not sure I can cope with it. Can I?


A good piece of advice I was given a while ago was that I better not do so much reviewing on things surrounding me. And not to look at others so much... but, what about that people will be judging me? they'll want to know 'who are you to be here and think you can teach me?'

stress, stress, go away... I'm hired by my boss so at least my boss thinks I am good, so, I guess I will be ok...

and I must be...

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