Becoming a tutor (1)

I am given an opportunity to plan a class.

Having done quite a lot of analyses on how professors in England design their classes, now I feel super self-conscious as a person who is making a plan to meet a certain target: what can I offer my students? how do I show that my teaching, plus their hard work, is effective? and what do students really want to learn??

Do they even know what they want to learn?

My supervisor here hopes that I use English novels in my lessons. In other words, my students will be reading some novels, in order to help improve their reading skills using English. I think my role is really just to help students become interested in reading (if they aren't already, how will I make them so? tricky...) and reduce their fear of a foreign language. It's a student's job to decide what one may find intriguing as a good read, I suppose.

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