Rather amusing.

Last week I felt I missed watching Neighbours so I searched online for clips. I now feel I got to know the 'future' of two of the characters, as the clips showed what viewers in Australia recently saw, which is perhaps one or two seasons ahead of what's currently showing on BBC 1.


I'm working hard but I caught a cold. It's very slight but annoying, because of this I can't go for a swim. When I play my guitar I can't sing because of my sore throat. Other than this everything's fine. Even managed to get my piano tuned by some professionals. A voice somewhere says 'take your time, take it easy'. Shaping my thesis, learning new ways to make it better and really making it better, my breaktime is filled with music, these are what I do at present.

My writing is dull.

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jennywren said...

Agghh, it's not on BBC1 anymore... Channel 5 stole it! xx