Film: The Bandwagons by Miles Watts

Miles Watts is an independent film maker based in York and did an English degree at the University of York. As well as making films, he has also been involved in editing York’s independent literary magazine Hum-drum, with editor/writer, Ryan de Koning. They have been holding events for local artists, giving them an opportunity to share their work with anyone interested.

Miles has made a feature film without any financial backing with the company he founded called Miles To Go Productions. He hopes to prove to people that you can make a film that entertains people, for virtually no money and get it shown in a public cinema. He believes that the content is everything, because viewers want good characters and a good story.

"I was just very frustrated at the way you have to go about raising money to make films, and quite frankly bored at the idea of sending off forms and applying for grants and justifying ourselves. I just wanted to make this film, simply, but to a high quality, and I reckoned we could do it."

Miles thinks film making enthusiasts should get over the idea that it's all about money.
"Money in film making is for practical things really - big crew, big budget - small crew, small budget! Having said that, we had an amazing cinematographer on this film, and we got some truly brilliant shots."

Miles has worked on other film projects with Hum-drum films, which he describes as "a real creative gene pool", where anyone to come up with new film ideas bravely and confidently. Miles answers some questions about his new film, 'The BandWagons' which had it's premiere in York on the 6th of November 2007.

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Anonymous said...

"content is everything", other elements are sub-coordinate.

Therefore, I love old films. Most of films today bear nothing but commercials.


impermissible wanyü said...


which 'old film' do you like? I am guessing they're not very old anyway..

i'm hoping that the director uses the word content in a broad sense, i mean, acting, for example, is also crucial, so is music, say.

Anonymous said...

Hi wanyu!

Black and white, is that old enough?

You're right a some point, what I would like to stress is, nowdays people have been bombarded by images or sounds made by the main stream film industry.

But we need some real, which
lasts for a while. Or just I need?

HaHaHa (There would be some mistakes, sorry la, hope you get my words )


impermissible wanyü said...


I actually think that some mainstream films are well done too, and at times they seem more complete in a way. However, usually the surprises are found more in independent cinema because I suppose independent filmmakers enjoy more freedom. This can be bad too because they can also go very wrong.

Ah, but what do I know about film making... :P