Last Night

Emi Jarvi


Grinny Grandad

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impermissible wanyü said...

Emi Jarvi.
First time for me to see this band. Brand new tunes (except for 'she is'). Rich in many ways: layers of effects, smart riffs, Emi's live voice on top of those being played back. One of the songs, i didn't get what it was called, literally forced the audience to hold their breaths and listen in, no other instruments but emi's singing plus J mixing the singing...

This was the third time. This time it was not too dark for photos. Very rich stuff too he played. Like I wrote before when his music inspired me, listening to his music helps me imagine what it feels like to float in a world without gravity. Some bits may sound like creatures with swords fighting, yet this time I seemed to have heard the sound of travelling lights. Bizarre but refreshing.

Grinny Grandad.
They offered an abundant supply of warmth via cheerful tunes. Their tempo is just so right! Cream and Peaches is still my fave but the other songs are becoming more familiar, this feels ace.